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aidan waite in every episode → i see your true colors and that’s why i hate you

"So you explain it to them. And maybe one day they’ll even believe that you are a wolf. And so they’ll build you a cage. And it’ll work. Every month you’ll transform in the comfort of your own home. And in the morning your parents will be waiting for you with food and water. And they will clean you like the day that you were born because…Because he’s not a monster. He’s our son. And he would never ever hurt us. So one day someone will leave the cage unlocked because…what’s the worst that can happen? Then brutally against your human will, you will kill them all.”
aidan waitebeing human usbhuseditbhussam witwergifmy gifsaweethis is my favorite episode in season 1because the tone of the episode veers back and forth from being really funny or dead seriousenough to give the audience whiplash tbhbut aidan has some really great sceneslike showing up at the levison house and having dinner with themand oops he ate garlic and it triggered his vamp sidethat was just ridiculously hilarious despite the circumstancesand then it just completely shifts in ambience when marcus shows upi think the balance between humor and seriousness in this episode is perfectmy favorite scene in this episode (besides the bathroom scene) is aidan and josh's conversation out on the porchit's such an intense momentaidan reflects back on his own experience of telling his loved ones about what he becameone of our first glimpses of his past (it kind of clonflicts with what we see later in s3 when more of aidan's past is explored)but i think it adds more depth to not only who he is now but who he was back theni absolutely love aidan's monologue to josh in that sceneit's so wondefully frank in the best waythis episode just showcases how strong aidan's protective instinct is'then brutally against your human will you will kill them all' though aidan is preaching to josh he is definitely referring to himselfthat was a moment of contemplation where he acknowledges the fact that he is a killer (and those are aidan's best moments)t connects him more with his desired humanity when he reflects on his own actionsand it's one of my favorite things about him as a character:)

Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington at Dragon Con - August 29, 2014 [x]

Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington at Dragon Con - August 29, 2014 [x]

Aidan Waite + human food

aidan waite in every episode → it takes two to make a thing go wrong

"Even a monster can possess that most dominant of human emotions…fear."

star wars: the clone wars meme | (8/10) characters The Son

"I have done what is right. Or what is wrong. Depending on your point of view.